Monday, June 29, 2009


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Gee, is summer going by too fast or what!

We're busy thinking .....ummmm....FUN birthday cards. Here's a new one.....and it is definitely FUN! First.......can you imagine what a UNICORN, a SPACESUIT and a COWBOY HAT have in common......check it out!

Enjoy and send out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Video E-Cards for Father's Day!

SUPER DAD (click on title to see card)

Great news in time for Father's Day e-cards....E-MotionCards just got lucky and so did you!

A super motion graphic designer is now creating VIDEO E-CARDS for E-MotionCards and for you to send out into the world....totally awesome cards! See for yourself and keep checking back as he is working fast and furious to explore all the ideas he has flying out of his head. Lots more in the works! I'll be back soon.... have to go see what he is up too now........this is a too much FUN!

REMEMBER WHEN YOU. (click on title to see card)

Check out all of the E-Cards. HAVE FUN..and SEND CARDS to all the FATHERS you know and everyone else for that matter. Why not?