Thursday, December 30, 2010


In her cute little voice she says: "Happy New Year" and we say Happy New Year to you also!

Thank you so much for all the support you have given E-MotionCards by sending our cards out into the world, telling your friends and especially to those of you who have joined and thus have given us your vote of confidence.

Thanks also to the team at Handmade Interactive in Los Angeles for the endless hours of design, problem solving, keeping the E-MotionCards site glitch-free and user friendly, collaboration and especially for always being "there" at critical moments. Thank you!

May each of you have touching moments, laugh hysterically, be centered, share secrets, run fast, breathe deeply, jump high, feel accomplished, eat tasty treats, sleep soundly, sing loudly, give hugs, be hugged, be creative, give thanks, love the planet .... and LOVE LIFE throughout the NEW YEAR!

H A P P Y - N E W - Y E A R......

Sherrie Hunt - Founder - Designer
John Hudson - Designer

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


E-Card: Holiday Sparkle

Christmas holidays... our heads spin.... time races....we race around.... the sounds and visuals have changed around us.... the air is filled with the sound of ringing bells n' chimes. We see twinkling lights and racing lights, Santa and angels, striped candy, chocolate and peppermint sticks. Everything is red and green and then there is more red and more green and ... yes, it is the Christmas holidays. Gifts... oh the choices are endless. Lucky we are to have so many choices.

Talk about choices... how about the choice of greeting cards! Festive or reflective, spirited and funny, religious and spiritual, paper cards, e-cards, beautiful, cute, poetic, silly, minimal or ornate, support a cause, create awareness, photographic, hand drawn, computer generated, charming or crass, endless but wonderful we have so many great choices to express our thoughts and emotions.

E-MotionCards has choices..... flash cards with endless music, video cards artistic and unique, photographic postcards, vintage postcards. You are given the opportunity to creatively express yourself with your choice of card to send, your words, thoughts and good wishes. It's a feel good thing to share wishes for happiness and love to those you care about especially during this time of year.

So many choices.... lucky us.

Happy Holidays