Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Harley the Biker Dog l (click to see card)  

You just can't help luv'n Harley the Biker Dog!  What spirit.  This Yorkie lives to RIDE RIDE RIDE!   You have to see it for yourself.  Check out our new totally fun card and send it out -  it's Free to send!  

 Thanks to Larry Groah and Harley!
Harley's Facebook Fan Page 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


What a dog indeed! Would you believe he actually enjoys performing for the camera or is it those treats he gets for being the best dog ever! Regardless, Potter always seems to understand the goal and is quite willing to participate in our "play".

Is time for another Potter card ...... just need the idea! Ummmmm...... any ideas out there?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Did you know you could freeze flowers and they maintain their beauty? Actually with all the projects I've done in my life I would think I would know you could freeze flowers and flower petals.

You are probably wondering why anyone would want to freeze a flower. Good question. In my case I would like to make a video of petals falling but don't want to strip all the flower petals off the flowers ... so instead I will wait until the petals are about ready to fall from the flower, then freeze the petals for future use. In the meantime, I will enjoy the beauty of the flower and the amazing fragrance as in the peony.

I have to say the quirky thought of keeping a frozen peony all year is appealing to me. Reminds me of the children's story "Frederick" by Leo Lionni where the mouse gathers thoughts of the summer colors to bring back in the cold winter days. As one would assume, unfortunately, the flower thaws almost instantly when taken out of the freezer so the frozen flower is totally unpractical unless you want to photograph it instantly upon taking it from the freezer or see it each time you open your freezer as a reminder of the beauty of spring.

Now to make a motion card with the peony flowers.... too beautiful to not do so.... more to come!

Friday, May 6, 2011

E-Card - Where Babies Come From

E-Card: Babies come from?

What more perfect for a Mother's Day message than a vintage film clip with Dad telling Johnny, who asks where babies come from, "By the grace of God, mothers are the only ones who know how to bring babies into the world".

I love this quirky vintage clip and I'm so pleased to be able to use it in an E-MotionCards. Even
more exciting is the fact we will be working with F.I.L.M. Archives (
to incorporate more vintage clips into the cards in the future. What fun. Can't wait.

Let me send to all the mother's in the world... my love and respect for one of the most important
roles in life one can have - that of parenting. Our children are the future. The gift of love and guidance to our children will go a long way in creating loving, caring and responsible adults.... and..... my oh my..... this is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination... in fact, it can be brutal at times and test us to the limit...... During the hard times, thank heavens for most of us as mothers it is our nature to give unconditional love to our kids.... but must they continually test us!

Happy Mother's Day... you've earned a right for a "Happy Day"!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Following this path has always given me moments to reflect and be in the now with the beauty of nature but today felt special as I rounded the corner to happen upon the small field of yellow flowers. I felt it a special gift just for me to enjoy in the stillness of the forest. My Bliss.

Wishes to you.... may you find beauty in the stillness of a moment today.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Happened to the Dyed Easter Eggs?

Take a bite out of a chocolate rabbit... or guess the flavors of the jelly beans as you pick them out of the synthetic grass we have become accustomed to for the Easter nests. As kids we would run around frantically to find the most colored eggs......a real egg or plastic eggs! Are real eggs hidden at Easter becoming a thing of the past and now being replaced by plastic eggs? I had to search at the grocery store for the egg dye and there were no towers of egg cartons that would indicate the interest in dying eggs. Now I can't say I have dyed eggs for several years so obviously I'm just a little out of step with the times as to Easter eggs it appears.. at least in this town.

Now, here I am with the suggestion of sending an Easter E-Card. What... have e-cards replaced the good old fashioned paper cards sent by snail mail? No, I think not.... many of those who previously sent paper cards will continue to send cards by snail mail but many of us who were never good at getting greeting cards mailed timely or in fact only did so only at Christmas, if we were really together, now enjoy the ease of sending e-cards and actually have fun doing so for the animated cards are entertaining to watch and fun to customized and send.... For those of us who want to do our share by making "Green" choices for the planet ... e-cards are definitely the answer! No trees being cut down for the sake of sending an e-card!

Did you see the Spring card with the twin baby lambs? The babies were only a couple days old when I took the video of them at an eco-farm in a town nearby. Notice the wobbly legs? One baby was left behind after she wouldn't wake up to play with her twin who kept nuzzling her. Once she got up and figured out how to move her legs, I was the only thing she could see nearby. As she wasn't able to focus as yet, she walked toward me thinking I was her mother.
Only did she realize I wasn't her mother when she was but a few feet from the camera. My lucky day!


For a totally different sensibility check out the humorous eggs in the carton ( yes, this is why I was dying the eggs). I had to put myself mentally in the egg carton as an egg... lol... well,
how else does one create the emotion to go with the story line of eggs in a panic? I liked being the diva egg in the dozen with my dandelion hat.

Enjoy and have a Very Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Each year I'm caught breathless again and again in the delicate beauty of spring... .....I marvel at the orchestration in the timing of the unfolding of each blossom and each leaf...As if by design, nature gives us her show of rebirth in a sequence of visual events pregnant with pauses. for all seasons and any occasion.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh, I just can't resist sharing this image.....the eyes and ears tell the story for this big grey furry boy...... and yes, of course we can relate to just what is in his mind ..... how would you feel when the mischievous three year old kid of the house is creeping up on YOU!

Maybe a future e-card.....what do you think?

Share your ideas for a caption!
How about.......

"I'll always love you, I just need a little space!"


"Feeling a little cranky today?"

Would love to hear your thoughts!

HOOP LA LA - Hula Hoop Fun


Music and dance movements are great for the spirit... add a hula hoop and oh... la la! Gotta love this video e-card.... Discovering this talented soul dancing to her own tune was a wonderful moment for me. Her willingness to allow me to video her for a card was a gift for all of us.

I return to this card and play it just to lift my spirits, especially in the long winter days, and I send it to my friends to share the spirit.

Now with spring around the corner I'll be in search of more spirited souls to collaborate with.
... what a delightful thought!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011



VALENTINES galore.... Yes, E-MotionCards has valentines for everyone: old - young | square - hip | guy - girl | silly - sensitive | beautiful - playful | sensual and oooh - lala | ...come see!

Share your love on Valentine's Day with a spirited or touching e-card. It delightfully fun!


Saturday, January 29, 2011


.......................... Birthday Strumming

E-MotionCards is so lucky to have the very talented Sam Hensley creating songs for us.
Sam has been writing and performing his own style of Americana music for the past many years. An review reads, "Rare is the discovery of such a gifted, intelligent, and soulful musician and songwriter."

Sam's most recent E-MotionCard is a Valentine love song with great lyrics, the magic of his voice and the diddly bow. A must see ... hear ... and enjoy!

.......................... Special Day (Valentine Card)

We invite you to check out Sam's website and listen to his music ..... and by the way, he makes the awesome Diddly Bow instruments. It's hard to believe the perfect notes coming out of the Diddly Bow made only of a cigar box, a ruler and one string.... yes, awesome!

By the way if you are interested in purchasing a Diddly Bow drop him a note. Go to Sam's contact information at