Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Happened to the Dyed Easter Eggs?

Take a bite out of a chocolate rabbit... or guess the flavors of the jelly beans as you pick them out of the synthetic grass we have become accustomed to for the Easter nests. As kids we would run around frantically to find the most colored eggs......a real egg or plastic eggs! Are real eggs hidden at Easter becoming a thing of the past and now being replaced by plastic eggs? I had to search at the grocery store for the egg dye and there were no towers of egg cartons that would indicate the interest in dying eggs. Now I can't say I have dyed eggs for several years so obviously I'm just a little out of step with the times as to Easter eggs it appears.. at least in this town.

Now, here I am with the suggestion of sending an Easter E-Card. What... have e-cards replaced the good old fashioned paper cards sent by snail mail? No, I think not.... many of those who previously sent paper cards will continue to send cards by snail mail but many of us who were never good at getting greeting cards mailed timely or in fact only did so only at Christmas, if we were really together, now enjoy the ease of sending e-cards and actually have fun doing so for the animated cards are entertaining to watch and fun to customized and send.... For those of us who want to do our share by making "Green" choices for the planet ... e-cards are definitely the answer! No trees being cut down for the sake of sending an e-card!

Did you see the Spring card with the twin baby lambs? The babies were only a couple days old when I took the video of them at an eco-farm in a town nearby. Notice the wobbly legs? One baby was left behind after she wouldn't wake up to play with her twin who kept nuzzling her. Once she got up and figured out how to move her legs, I was the only thing she could see nearby. As she wasn't able to focus as yet, she walked toward me thinking I was her mother.
Only did she realize I wasn't her mother when she was but a few feet from the camera. My lucky day!


For a totally different sensibility check out the humorous eggs in the carton ( yes, this is why I was dying the eggs). I had to put myself mentally in the egg carton as an egg... lol... well,
how else does one create the emotion to go with the story line of eggs in a panic? I liked being the diva egg in the dozen with my dandelion hat.

Enjoy and have a Very Happy Easter.

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