Monday, November 16, 2009


Turkeys are fascinating birds in my mind. Really I totally enjoyed having them in my presence during the time period my family lived on a small farm..... I must say that is until it came time to cull the males because they were trying to destroy each other over the lovely ladies.

Now you most likely are getting a hint of why we didn't have the farm for more than a couple years;
our farm animals became our pets! We were "back-to-landers" - city folks who moved to the hills of Tennesse with the mission to support ourselves on our land, farm organically, and enjoy the good life being self sufficient. See the problems here! Well for one, I became a vegetarian and remained so for many years and to date have not eaten beef, pork or lamb since the day one of our cows was chosen to become many meals rather than a cow grazing in the green pastures. Chicken, turkey and seafood I have included in my diet but I do have an appreciation for the lives of these animals and the conditions in which they live. With these convictions, I find I steer away (pun intended) from creating cards depicting turkeys as meals rather than turkeys strutting their stuff. They are a symbol for the spirit of a day of thanks - Thanksgiving.

In parting I would like to share one of my turkey stories. Friends of ours pulled up into the yard one day in their pick up truck. The turkeys being very curious birds and not the totally ignorant birds as their reputation depicts, flew up on the roof of the cab and all leaned down sticking their heads into the cab to see just who these visitors were. Can you imagine having 4 turkeys greet you in such a manner. Was quite comical and endearing I must say.

Rumor: Turkeys look up at the rain until they drown..... debunked

Enjoy a Thanksgiving holiday.... and how about sending an
E-MotionCards to share the spirit of the day.

By the way, the photos in this card were taken of my family on the farm I've written about and these are the boys strutting their stuff!