Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh, I just can't resist sharing this image.....the eyes and ears tell the story for this big grey furry boy...... and yes, of course we can relate to just what is in his mind ..... how would you feel when the mischievous three year old kid of the house is creeping up on YOU!

Maybe a future e-card.....what do you think?

Share your ideas for a caption!
How about.......

"I'll always love you, I just need a little space!"


"Feeling a little cranky today?"

Would love to hear your thoughts!

HOOP LA LA - Hula Hoop Fun


Music and dance movements are great for the spirit... add a hula hoop and oh... la la! Gotta love this video e-card.... Discovering this talented soul dancing to her own tune was a wonderful moment for me. Her willingness to allow me to video her for a card was a gift for all of us.

I return to this card and play it just to lift my spirits, especially in the long winter days, and I send it to my friends to share the spirit.

Now with spring around the corner I'll be in search of more spirited souls to collaborate with.
... what a delightful thought!

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