Friday, May 6, 2011

E-Card - Where Babies Come From

E-Card: Babies come from?

What more perfect for a Mother's Day message than a vintage film clip with Dad telling Johnny, who asks where babies come from, "By the grace of God, mothers are the only ones who know how to bring babies into the world".

I love this quirky vintage clip and I'm so pleased to be able to use it in an E-MotionCards. Even
more exciting is the fact we will be working with F.I.L.M. Archives (
to incorporate more vintage clips into the cards in the future. What fun. Can't wait.

Let me send to all the mother's in the world... my love and respect for one of the most important
roles in life one can have - that of parenting. Our children are the future. The gift of love and guidance to our children will go a long way in creating loving, caring and responsible adults.... and..... my oh my..... this is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination... in fact, it can be brutal at times and test us to the limit...... During the hard times, thank heavens for most of us as mothers it is our nature to give unconditional love to our kids.... but must they continually test us!

Happy Mother's Day... you've earned a right for a "Happy Day"!

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