Saturday, March 28, 2009

HAPPY BUNNY - Easter E-Card

Days later...finished at is Michaels' bunny in action. The card passed the first test for
a big smile crossed Michaels' face when he played the card for the first time. Now let's see if it
passes your test! Check it out! HAPPY BUNNY (Easter) or BE HAPPY
(any day).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inspiration from the Unexpected

As I was working on a line drawing of a rabbit for an Easter e-card, Michael, age 8, sat down beside me and asked for me to show him how draw a rabbit but seconds later he was totally involved in the creative process before I could utter a word. His first rabbit is one with great character and just walking along. Then he drew a second rabbit. His second rabbit is busy controlling the weather, creating the sun and a tornado. His third rabbit is a super hero saving the world. The fourth rabbit is a scientist with a Mac computer and vials of chemicals. In the meantime I am struggling with my rather staid boring rabbit trying to figure just how to animate it when I realized his rabbit is so much more interesting than mine! He proudly agreed to my request to use his rabbit rather than my own in the Easter card I'm working on.

Thankfully Michael didn't wait for a demonstration of how to draw a rabbit for rather than learning how to draw a boring rabbit he discovered it was his own vision and creativity that was so special.

Monday, March 2, 2009


A road trip down the south eastern coast of the U.S., just me and my buddy Potter, a royal standard poodle, was a delightful little adventure for the two of us. I enjoyed all of the truly visual gifts of nature and he enjoyed all of the scents of creatures unknown to him who had walked the paths before us.

Upon our return the photos taken in the travels transform in the computer by my desire to create altered realities and places of beauty to visit in the realm of the imagination at any given moment.

Mysterious Places l - E-MotionCard