Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Bend in the Branch

A walk in the woods to feed the soul reveals a tree bare of leaves with crooked branches belonging to an ancient Chinese painting, a delicate flower searching for a ray of sunlight, or perhaps a cluster of berries of varying shades reminiscent of paintings of the past. The lowly weeds when isolated and viewed with new eyes can be a study in line with graceful curves or clashing angles.

Bits of nature would come home with me to become my inspiration. The resulting photographs would join a library of images from which I would draw upon to create mixed-media pieces reflecting my desire to connect with nature and a peaceful place within.

The process for this work involved digital images printed on a special material which was then applied a painted board in a way the background would be revealed. Paint strokes embellished the photographic images creating a blend of the two processes.

This body of work was shown in a 2 person gallery show in Asheville NC and Atlanta, GA along with all the weeds, flowers, pods, branches, vines, seeds and leaves pinned to the wall of the gallery. The inspiration and the finished pieces informed each other and I'm told the viewer.

A few of these pieces are included in the fine art postcard images on E-Motioncards site along with fine art pieces by other artists. The receiver of the e-cards will have the added pleasure of music selected by the sender to add to the experience of receiving the fine art images.

All images copyright Sherrie Hunt 2008

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Manz said...

The results are beautiful - thanks for sharing the proccess.