Monday, July 20, 2009



Ever see the movie Tapeheads, a comedy that came out in 1988 with John Cusak and Tim Robbins? Most likely not...but then maybe you have for it has resurfaced and is on lists such as Films Outside the Loop.

Tapeheads is a story about two security guards with the dream of producing cool music videos with their first job being a commercial for fried chicken and waffles. Just about all scenes are tongue in cheek craziness. Sets were really fun and off the wall....I know I worked on them for a time period. As it was the first and for that matter the only movie I have ever worked on, I made all of $50. a week. You can only imagine how far that goes in a metropolitan city such as Los Angeles! Never will forget being out in pursuit of the ideal casket and making sure it was dust free and shining on our shoot or the perfect quirky fortune teller neon sign and crystal ball .......... the list goes on and on.

This all came of mind as I am now toting around my new video camera everywhere I go all these years later. Don't have dreams of making the music video to end all music videos but I am looking for footage to make amazing e-cards. I have to admit the first three e-cards I just made using video clips I shot, I do love and I loved the process!

Collaborating with my friend who jubilantly danced through the yard doing cartwheels for a lighthearted and fun birthday card was totally enjoyable albeit I had the easy job. She had the job of doing cartwheel after cartwheel as we searched for the right approach. Sure that made up for all those years in which she never did one cartwheel.

More fun to be had was working with my friend who has dancing fingers. We got a late start and the natural light was fading so had to step up the pace with getting costumes together and on those fingers. Adversity in creative projects usually pushes one into directions never intended and yet more times than not, into a more creative solution and thus it was with the two dancing finger cards I created.

Check out the birthday cards and let me know what you think!

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Enjoy the act of giving E-MotionCards.

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