Friday, August 21, 2009


Talk about creepy crawly bugs and snakes this e-card has them all! They slither, they hop and they crawl to the birthday party for the celebration.

The process to make this card is called Stop Motion, perhaps you are familiar with it. A camera is used to take shots of a set or subject in which the elements or people move in tiny increments then like a flip book the images are put together in a motion program. This card was made in the same spirit and with the same process as the Bubbles Birthday Wishes card, my first stop motion ecard. ( See prior entry.)

What fun I had making this card. At the end of the card the snakes, little rat, and insects have party hats on. Now had I the need to explain what I was doing at the time, making play dough party hats for little plastic creatures, one would wonder what planet I was on. I was even amused by the task actually. This being my second Stop Motion card I was able to concentrate on the creative aspect of the card rather than being bogged down with all the technical aspects first time around thank goodness. There were definitely a lot of retakes getting the timing right and the movements as I intended them but the creative process was all fun.

Thrill the kids you know with a creepy crawly birthday card from E-MotionCards!

To see this card larger and hear the fun quirky music click here!

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