Sunday, May 16, 2010


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A new day with the idea of writing whatever thoughts come floating by... not just about e-cards or creativity but also sharing those fleeting thoughts, obscure realizations, awareness... or perhaps frivolous dialogue.

Today I've thinking about - a lifetime of otherness. Strange way of expressing a thought I must say. Was thinking of all of the experiences I bring with me today. Not being young, not being middle-aged but beyond, I've enjoyed and lamented many experiences in my lifetime - the experience of joys and sorrows inherent with life and those unique to me - my otherness.

Ahhh yes..... I am thankful for the diversity of experiences I've had and those experiences make great memories. I can entertain people and create laughter in the storytelling of my experiences.... but it is the dreams and aspirations that are of importance. Dreams come from our spirit to create. Dreams inspire. Dreams keep the youthful spirit within us alive.
Until another day........

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