Tuesday, June 15, 2010

STOP MOTION Father's Day Fun

Visualizing the stop motion is such a challenge, honestly, I find if I don't visualize the project too much and I just start out..... is rather magical how the piece comes to life.... well, at least most of the time I am pleasantly surprised but then there are always times I toss it all out and start anew. Learned long time ago it is just as important to know when to let go of an idea and move on as it is to think of ideas to begin with. How many times have there been aspects of a creative project I felt way too precious to let go of so continued working on the entire piece only to realize I had to let go of the that area for the success of the piece.

Behind the scenes for this new piece: I pulled out every little prop I had that could relate to Father's Day.... and I have a lot of small props as my niche at one time photographically was small sets. For two days I experimented with different ideas and then I realized I had to scrap the ideas using the props and just use Play-doh in a creative way.... so I started out and and this piece came about.

Check it out: Click here for COOL BEAT - Stop Motion Father's Day E-Card

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