Sunday, January 18, 2009

HOPE and PRIDE in the USA

January 20, 2009 - Will be a day filled with hope for our future and generations to come and pride as we welcome Barack Obama as president of our United States of America. Hooray for each of us for electing an amazing man to be our president, hooray for our country and hooray for the world.


Manz said...

I wish you and all Americans the best for the future.... that also goes for the entire world!!

"Australia Day" is coming up - 26th of this month. I've heard our country refered to as "the lucky country" and never thought too much about it. As I write this, I feel very lucky for all that I have. However, we are not immune to the problems of the world, and the economy isn't too great right now :(

Manz said...

Today is Australia Day!!!

Time for "HOPE and PRIDE" in the land Down Under :)
Flags are flying and cars are donned with flags also.

Looking forward to your next post ;)

Manz said...

Thanks for my e-card... I LOVE it!!
Very thoughtful of you :)