Monday, February 2, 2009

RED in Design - RED in February

How about RED!  Well, it is February and RED is everywhere in the retail stores on Main Street or online cyber stores to create the spirit of Valentine gift giving.  To foster the spirit I will share my creative endeavors in various mediums using the color RED. Above, The RED Violin is a photograph used as stock photography in several publications and has come to life in an E-MotionCard - The Violin.

Window Display - The top RED pepper spinning says "Do You Want"...... with the remaining spinning peppers plus peppers on the floor holding choices of:  Denial - Bliss - Lies - Truth -  Reality - Love - RED Peppers or Byblos (the designer of featured clothing).  I was playful in spirit with this window installation and at the same time hoping it would be somewhat thought provoking.

The RED Shoes - Photograph used as Stock Image.  For quite some time I got lost in the world of photographing small objects.  Was a delightful world of discovery as you could only guess what the finished print would reveal.  Of course this was in the day of the film cameras and One Hour Photo.  

As a set decorator for major ad campaigns I had a huge range of assignments.  This RED tent was one of my favorite challenges.  The shoot was on a dry lake bed in California for several days with lots of props.  I was responsible for renting a full size circus trapeze set, gigantic kites, and miscellaneous props with the most exciting assignment of designing a RED satin tent that could change shape for the various shots. 

The RED Chair is another small world photograph used as a stock image in a variety of publications.  

Baby Guess - 0 to 14-  store windows were great fun to conceptualize and install.  Here I chose the theme of a 50's like ice cream parlor for the kids.  This corner is just a very small area in a large window display with lots of kids and babies having fun or taking their job very seriously as this little girl is!  
RED accents in the clothing and the set brought the scene to life.

Ah, and this is a new motion Valentine e-card I just designed for E-MotionCards using figures from vintage postcards,  romantic piano music, love and the color
RED. Check it out!  Magical Love

Last image in my RED story is this majestic RED Dalhia, a photograph I took as a fine art print. It has found it's way into an E-MotionCard also.  The RED Flower.

All images are copyright by Sherrie Hunt 1996 - 2009 and may not be reproduced without consent of the artist.


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John Hudson said...

Very impressive blog and great post!!! Looking forward to reading many more.


Manz said...

Awesome post Sherrie!!
By the end of it, I felt I knew you a little more ;)

Designing window displays must be interesting and challenging work - my first graphics boss was once a window dresser, and he used to say that it was damn hard work! I hear getting it done in your allocated time can be tricky.... is that true?

I love red... apparently wearing it is a sign of confidence - "people" suggest wearing some red on first interviews, etc. I think the trick is to user it as a highlight, or "accent" like you did in the baby Guess display... no one wants to look like Santa - unless it's December!!

Happy Valentines to you and all your readers :)

E-MotionCards said...

Amanda...thoughtful comment you left. Thanks so much. I keep wondering what to write about next but in that creative process.....I trust ideas will eventually come. Thank goodness! We're lucky aren't we in that we have the gift of being visual people.

Manz said...

I enjoy your blog, so it's a pleasure leaving my comments.

And, I LOVE being a visual person! Don't know what my life would be if I lost my vision.

However, I do feel lucky to be part of a blog team, which has great writers - well I think they're great! It takes the pressure off me to come up with new blog posts constantly... I know more ideas will come to you. We all have "vision block" from time to time ;)