Thursday, February 12, 2009


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VALENTINE'S DAY is the day to express special thoughts of love and appreciation. Today, tomorrow, the next day and everyday are the days to give love and open your heart to receive love.

What, you might say - you have no lover to embrace! Make Valentine's Day, the day for expressing LOVE....LOVE for one another: your friends, old and young, your mom, your dad, your brothers or sisters, your kids, the kids down the street and the kids across town, your grandmother and step mother, grandfather and step father, the checker at the grocery store, your teacher, your boss, your friends that moved across the ocean, your neighbor who voted for the "other guy",and the list goes on.

Oh, there are so many ways to express loving thoughts and I just happen to have a great suggestion to add to your list! Fill ones ears with music, their hearts with loving words and images of..................... E-MotionCards.

You may click on each of the images here to see the e-card of which many are FREE to send.
Keep in mind with the postcards you have the opportunity to chose the music, greeting and add a personal message. Enjoy. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU!

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