Tuesday, April 21, 2009

VIDEO E-CARDS....Coming Soon!

My creative process to jump in and then figure out what I have to know sure challenged me this time! Video e-cards on E-MotionCards. Sounds rather easy doesn't it. Have the site programed, get a video camera and have-at-it. But wait......easier said than done!

Well, maybe for the technically inclined it is a piece of cake but I don't fall into that category unfortunately. I've never seen so many series of letters standing for things I don't have a clue about ever in the projects I've tackled....... ie: 2 VP 6 codec, AVI, .dv, .asf, .wmv, ITU 601, PAL and the list goes on. Now you see where I am with all of this ....still struggling.....well, actually only struggling a little bit at the moment. Wait until I get the new amazing video camera and here we go again.....but what fun that will be. Can't wait!

Thanks to suggestions from my web designer, friends and reading the manuals over my head, I was able to put together my first video card and much to my amazement it actually is working on the beta site. Surprised me I guess more than anyone else. Hours and hours and actually more hours were spent experimenting with checking this box and not that box or downloading one way then the other way. Mistake that really drives me nuts is when the video movie file renders out at 95 mgs or thereabouts when it should be 2 or 3 mgs and I don't have a clue which box was checked to cause that huge file to be created. Anyway, you get the gist of the frustration. When you see my first video e-card you will know I am smiling and I'm at least on top of the learning curve.....not completely on to the other side as there are so very many details to master...but close.

Now my mind is spinning with ideas for the video e-cards...... gee, wish there was a great costume house within a reasonable distance like Palace Costume in Los Angeles that has floors of fabulous period outfits where I could easily find fun garments for 50's type images or my favorite prop houses, Modern Props or Hand Prop House in LA that are loaded with quirky and unusual props. Nothing like being served a cappuccino by one of the sales personnel in Modern Props as he or she greets you in the lobby wearing a white space-like outfit. Well maybe a trip is in order for some photo shoots in LA! My bags are packed.....but wait, where is the video camera? OK all in time!

Love these props and wardrobe below.......... Keep checking back for the video e-card updates!

Sources: Modern Props, , Ozzie Dots, Palace Costume all in LA, CA.

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