Thursday, May 21, 2009


                                              Swing into Fun!

                                             Hoppin Bunny


                                             Our Flag

                                        Summer Days  

                                             Twirl Girl

The day has come.....VIDEO E-CARDS are on the site.  Whew!

Ok, so it isn't Christmas or Valentines Day with tons of card sending going on, but it is Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, graduation, July 4th and glorious summer days!  

Well, it is so glorious outside I would love to be basking in the warmth of the sun but alas, I have cards to create!  I would say it is a draw (no pun intended).....I love making the cards as much as I love basking in the sun so more video e-cards are on the way.  I've mastered new skills to produce the cards and find the animation programs fun albeit challenging.  

There is always the element of excitement in the creative process when a door is opened to reveal a wealth of possibilities.  The growing edge and desire to push the limits, to explore what is possible creatively and technically is forever present.  Of course, one has to have mastered the technical aspect to be able to push the limits technically but within ones own capacity and level of expertise this still can be accomplished.  

I explore ideas coming from the particular emotional state of being I am in at that moment in time. Just like writing in this blog.  I can't say anything is planned ahead of time but rather being in touch with my thoughts and feelings provides the basis for the words I write or images I create. Well, as this is a commercial e-card site and  I do have to direct my thoughts to particular holidays a percentage of the time and can't be making cards of the tropical island I would like to be on rather than the graduation cards I need to be making.  Discipline certainly comes into play but and as I direct my thoughts to the task at hand fortunately I get find myself getting lost in the all consuming process of creating the visuals and selecting the music and thus transporting myself to another place. Time to get back to the project at hand.  In the meantime above are a few of the video cards I have created.  Click on the card link and enjoy!

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